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About us

A Persian Weekly Magazine.

As the community’s voice, our mission is to continue to provide a prestigious and reliable source for echoing community’s concerns, deliver the latest news and reports and establish a media space for businesses and professions to introduce, advertise and create their success stories. Iran Javan Publications, with its energetic and creative team of writers and graphic designers is committed to make our working relationship with our clients a highly professional and long term one.

It is our honor to serve our community:

Iran Javan Magazine, is a free weekly publication and online magazine with up-to-date coverage of national and international news, government issues, community events, business and finance, sports entertainment, health and lifestyle…etc.

Since 1994, Iranian community has had the privilege of having Iran Javan Weekly Magazine by their side, as a reliable source of information and news. Businesses have thrived by running their advertisements in our magazine, which is the largest, most subscribed and popular Persian magazine in the region.

Some of our clients

  • Metro
  • Mina Halal Food
  • Campbell Soup
  • Mercedes Benz,B.M.W, Toyota
  • Rogers, Fido
  • Tridel, Menkes

Why Choose Us

We have been serving Iranian-Canadian community for the past 18 years, and have the privilege of working with distinguished companies such as Metro, Mina Halal Food, Campbell Soup, Mercedes Benz, B.M.W, Toyota, Rogers, Fido, Tridel, Menkes, etc. By advertising in our magazine, our valued customers have been able to effectively promote their businesses.

Each week, over 15,000 copies of the magazine are distributed amongst business and stores in GTA, Ottawa and Montreal. Iran Javan Magazine is an effective tool for placing your advertisement and obtaining the latest news and reports..

Iranian-Canadian community is large, vibrant and educated. Our beloved province has an Iranian population of 350,000, who are distinguished members of the society, being lawyers, doctors, engineers, professionals and business owners.
60% Female 40% Male
53% are University Graduates or higher
56% are Managers, Owners or Professionals
38% have household income of $100,000
82% Home Owners
42% are principal grocery Shoppers
Average Income: $45,000
Average Age: 38
Our readers have above average and specific tastes that consume a wide range of products and services.